A Beautiful Tambourine Created Just for You!

Custom Painted Tambourine Dot Mandala totallyMERRI

A Custom-Made Tambourine as Unique as You Are.

A custom-made totallyMERRI tambourine is much more than just a percussive instrument. Each unique tambourine has a story and journey all its own.

Contact me below, and let us discuss the story you would like your tambourine to depict. 

Tambourine Commissions and Questions

Custom Painted Tambourines Calligraphy Hebrew Miriam
totallyMERRI Custom Tambourine Southworth Poem
Custom Painted Tambourine Hebrew Calligraphy Sonf of the Sea Miriam totallyMERRI
Custom Painted Tambourine Butterfly totallyMERRI
Custom Painted Tambourine Calligraphy Hebrew totallyMERRI
Custom Painted Tambourine Hebrew Calligraphy totallyMERRI